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Moving Insurance Information 

You have three (3) options available to cover loss and/or damages during your move.  If you wish to use Option 2, arrangements must be made at least 48 hours before the move begins.


Standard Valuation 


All moves are covered by the standard liability (valuation) for the industry, which is $0.60 per pound per article. This will apply to truck/trailer and labor moving services. This amount will typically cover the costs required to repair damaged items, but not replace them. Certain items you have may not be adequately covered under this option. It is recommended that insurance be purchased to cover very valuable or delicate items. Another alternative is to move the valuable or delicate items yourself instead of buying insurance to protect those few items.


Full Coverage


If you would like full coverage for all items, we recommend contacting Baker International Insurance at (800) 356-0093. Baker International's sales staff will quote you a price over the phone that covers 100% of the replacement value for all items. This is an independent agency not associated with AP Moving Services LLC.


Homeowner's Insurance

Your current home owner's insurance may already provide coverage for your move. You can check or call you insurance provider to confirm.  If this is provided you can avoid purchasing insurance if you do not need it. 


All of our charges are discussed with you up front. There will be NO hidden charges. Your estimate letter includes all the charges that apply for the services you have requested. If you make a change to the services, such as adding an item for your move, the associated costs will be discussed with you prior to the service. 


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